Event Catering

Gourmet meals delivered to your event

Our event catering services include fresh food made the same day with reheating instructions (if necessary).  Wait staff is available for an additional fee.

How it Works

Step One

Choose your menu and date of your event.

Step Two

Don’t stress. We’ll do all the shopping and planning for you!

Step Three

A gourmet meal will be dropped off at your event in plenty of time.

Get Started

Meal Options

$55 per person

American Menu

Seared chicken breast served with a mushroom reduction
Slow roasted asparagus, peppers, and onions
Potatoes poached with lemon and rosemary
Roasted fig, arugula, and goat cheese salad
$60 per person

American Menu Option Two

Spinach, strawberries, toasted pecans, and goat cheese, drizzled with a balsamic dressing
Wild mushroom and vegetable truffle infused risotto
Mini meringues topped with fresh berries, raspberry sauce, and creme fraiche
$65 per person

Italian Menu

Roasted fig, arugula, and goat cheese salad
Crostini topped with tomato confit
Potato dumplings with apricot brown butter and sage
Mascarpone custard with whipped cream
$60 per person

Italian Menu Option Two

Mozzarella di Bufala, fresh basil, and tomatoes with a balsamic reduction
Baked brioche infused with roasted garlic and cheddar cheese
Vegetable and meat options available
$60 per person

Mediterranean Menu

Herb rice mix stuffed in vine grape leaves
Farro, feta, grape tomatoes, cucumber, and onion drizzled with a red wine vinaigrette
Served with roasted tomatoes and tzatziki dipping sauce
Golden brown phyllo dough, crushed walnuts, and syrup
$55 per person

Mexican Menu

Slow cooked pork shoulder and masa harina wrapped in a corn husk
Corn on the cob rolled in cotija and topped with chili powder
Pan seared shrimp and tilapia paired with avocado slaw and served on a warm corn tortilla
Covered with cinnamon sugar and served with a chocolate dipping sauce
$40 per person

Canapes Menu

Mini meringues topped with fresh berries, raspberry sauce, and creme fraiche
Dates stuffed with gorgonzola cheese wrapped in bacon
Toasted baguette slices topped with mascarpone and honey
Spinach, cheese, raisins, and pine nuts stuffed into a mini croissant
Bite sized vegetable quiche 
$25 per person

Ramen Menu

Choice of spicy miso or vegetable broth topped with: soft boiled eggs, shitake, scallions, bok choy, and bacon
price per dozen


price per dozen


price per 10 cups

Mousse Cups

serves six



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