Cranberry Walnut Bread

Cranberry Walnut Bread

Okay can we all just agree that we’ve got one more day until the “lose 5 lbs” resolutions start? So, why not go out with a bang?!

Disclaimer: This bread is HIGHLY addictive! This is why I reserve making it for the holiday season when I can bake it, have a slice, then give the rest away.

I love making this recipe because it’s so festive! The bright red cranberries make this the perfect holiday treat.

Honestly, I’m usually not a fan of cranberries. They’re a bit too tart for my taste. But with the sweetness of the bread and the crunch of the walnuts, they are soooo delicious! The unexpected addition of cream cheese ensures that this bread will never come out dry. The best part is that, of course, I’ve made some healthy ingredient swaps (applesauce for butter as one example), so even though this heavenly treat tastes like it will add pounds to your hips—it’s a relatively healthy goody! Alright alright, I know it’s bread, but the ingredients are so good for you. Cranberries are packed with a ton of antioxidants. In fact, they have the MOST antioxidants of any fruit. Which means they help with things like inflammation and the immune system.

Plus, I can assure you if you bring this little number to give as a hosting gift—you WILL be invited back.

Yields: 2 loaves

Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: 50 minutes | Total Time: 1 hr 10 minutes


8 oz fat free cream cheese

2 tsp vanilla

½ cup applesauce

1 ½ cup granulated Splenda

4 eggs

2 cups flour

1 ½ tsp baking powder

2 cups chopped, fresh cranberries

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1.     Preheat oven to 350.

2.     Using a whisk or a hand mixer, beat cream cheese, vanilla, applesauce, and Splenda together until well combined.

3.     Add eggs one at a time until incorporated.

4.     Add flour and baking powder. Mix together with a wooden spoon or spatula. Batter should be thick.

5.     Fold in cranberries and walnuts.

6.     Pour batter into 2, 8 X 4 inch loaf pans.

7.     Bake at 350 ~40-50 minutes.

The Cook’s 2 Cents:

·      Be careful not to overmix the batter. If you mix it for too long, the end product will come out too dense.

·      The bread is done when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. The top of the bread should start to brown a bit.

·      Don’t be fooled by the “moistness” of the center. If the toothpick test says it’s done, it is. The bread will be very moist in the center because of the cream cheese, not because it hasn’t baked long enough.

Nutrition Facts:

Servings Per Recipe: 10

Serving Size: 1 slice

Calories: 113               Fat: 6g             Sodium: 189mg          Carbs: 8g         Fiber: 1g          Sugar: 3g         Protein: 8g